Let me briefly introduce Raytheon Acoustics (AAC) to you

2024-04-17 11:26

        In the past 30 years, the way humans connect and communicate with everything has been innovated. The global successful mass production of X-axis linear motors, self-developed ultra linear structural acoustic platforms, and WLG glass plastic hybrid lenses have all driven the industry's progress in perceptual experience technology. This technology summit will release industry perception products and technologies in core areas such as listening, vision, and touch, sharing the technical details of acoustic integration and tactile feedback integration solutions applied in the consumer electronics field.
       The person believes that in response to the common problems of heavy weight, space occupation, and insufficient bass in car audio systems, the solutions launched by technology have the characteristics of small size, wide frequency domain, light weight, and integrated modules, which can achieve the goals of simplifying acoustic design, reducing design costs, improving acoustic performance, creating diversified sound fields, improving vehicle efficiency, and vibration isolation.
        On the 29th, the 2022 Technology Perception Experience Innovation Summit was held in Shenzhen. Technology focuses on four major modules: car audio, tactile feedback, voice acquisition, and perceptual interaction, expanding the perception experience needs and technological accumulation in the consumer electronics field to the automotive industry, and releasing industry intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving perception interaction solutions.
        As a perceptual experience solution, technology aims to create the future of sensory experience technology for the enterprise. In order to ensure that everyone can equally enjoy the wonderful experience brought by perceptual technology, the Technology and Information Accessibility Research Association has reached a cooperation agreement, using perceptual technology to compensate for differences in physical functions, environment, etc., making only audio-visual information tangible and perceptible.
         In addition, in the competition with, technology and Goethe acoustics may seem to compete with them, but as the inventor of MEMS microphones, they hold the core technology of MEMS chips in this field, and the latter two still need to be purchased from upstream manufacturers.
        The Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer of Technology stated that in the wave of intelligence, we hope to provide global automotive industry customers with a comprehensive solution and vertical supply chain guarantee system centered on perception technology. Simultaneously building a more open and collaborative ecosystem with customers, creating diversified value for users, industries, and society, and providing a better perceptual experience for people's lives and travel.
        It is also pointed out that the company's in car acoustic solution has started mass production and delivery, and has successfully developed milestone new designated projects. With the development of autonomous driving technology, the audio system will become one of the core components of the intelligent cockpit.
       In the field of in car acoustics, in car acoustic solutions have begun mass production and delivery, with continuous breakthroughs in the third quarter, achieving leapfrog growth, and successfully exploring milestone new designated projects. The management stated that in the future, with the development of autonomous driving technology, the audio system will become one of the core components of the intelligent cockpit. With the integration algorithm and software development capabilities of the acoustic platform, new products and technologies will be launched to promote customer product upgrades and provide consumers with a more high-end auditory experience. Go back to Sohu and see more.

        The Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer of AAC stated that AAC never sets limits on itself, adheres to innovation driven development, and has deeply integrated into AAC's genes. The nearly thirty years of technological accumulation have enabled AAC to continue in the industry, but we are not limited to this. Starting from the goal of providing everyone with a better perceptual experience, AAC has expanded its experience in the field of consumer electronics to include smart cars and AR/VR. In the future, AAC will collaborate with more industry partners to break through the forefront of perceived experience and create more industry value in diverse fields.



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