The editor will take you to understand what are the classifications of Raytheon Acoustics (AAC)?

      The general manager of the technology acoustic tactile product line shared that tactile feedback is a relatively independent language and an important information channel. When vision and hearing are limited, touch becomes a new window for perceiving the world. We hope to truly organize it. Through the normalized form of cooperation through joint laboratories, it brings significant value to the industry and consumers.
       With sharp market insights and global experience in the research and production of consumer electronic micro devices, we have multiple advantages in platform, efficiency, technology, and service capabilities to bring a complete intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving sensing interaction solution for the automotive industry, including sound, light, touch, vibration, sensing components, and execution devices, better meeting the growing demand of the automotive intelligent cockpit related market. The General Manager of the Technology Vehicle Acoustics Business Department stated that by focusing on perception technology and installing a large number of sensing devices in the intelligent          cockpit, we can help create a better intelligent cockpit and driving experience.
The mission of technology is to create a better perceptual experience for the world. In perceptual science, technology continuously innovates and creates various new interactive experiences. As the industry's leading supplier of high-quality tactile feedback solutions, technology has also keenly captured the enormous potential of tactile feedback in the field of accessibility. Established on August 29th, in order to bridge the digital divide and benefit people with disabilities, the Joint Laboratory will continue to explore the application and landing of accessible touch and other fields, enriching the content ecosystem of accessible touch.
        As a global provider of smart device solutions, while stabilizing the smartphone market, technology is vigorously expanding into the automotive industry, undoubtedly greatly changing the existing landscape of automotive acoustics, optics, motors, and other industries. According to insiders of technology, the automotive business projects of technology in areas such as tactile feedback and optics are accelerating their landing, and we will see the landing projects by the end of this year and early next year. At the 2022 internal annual meeting, Technology also predicted that the overall sales targets for automotive businesses such as acoustics, optics, and motors will be achieved by 2025. The author believes that the automotive business is expected to build a second growth curve in the long term.
         It is reported that Technology was founded in 1993 and is a precision manufacturing enterprise. Its business involves fields such as acoustics, optics, electromagnetic transmission, precision structural components, RF antennas, etc. Accessible touch is one of the key cooperation projects. The two sides plan to establish a complete tactile feedback technology ecosystem and explore more application scenarios. Go back to Sohu and see more
         The Director of Technology Vehicle Acoustics R&D Department told Automotive Business Review.



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