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Shenzhen Shunbai Technology Co., Ltd., founded in August 2002, has been nearly 21 years now. In the past 21 years, through the joint efforts of all the colleagues of Shunbai Company, Shunbai Company has developed from a small trading company composed of four people into a group company in the form of production and trade, and has set up several branches. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen. At present, it has 96 employees, and its products have been sold all over South China East China and Southwest China. The business mode has also changed from a single trade to a business mode integrating production and professional agency. Our company sells a full range of electronic products under international famous brands such as Weian, AAC, Rohm, Ralec, Sunlord, NedCo, Taoxin, Maoruixin, Xingya, etc. The passive component chip resistors, chip capacitors, chip inductors, diodes, triodes, magnetic beads, microphones, receivers, mobile phone batteries, servo motors, motor motors, etc. required by electronic equipment are in sufficient stock supply, and our industry background and electronic knowledge are very rich. With excellent design and manufacturing capabilities, good cost performance, the fastest delivery time and excellent service, it has won wide acclaim in the industry.



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